Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Standard Ballroom Technique: Foot Alignment

Step relative to where you are now, not where you will be. For example, in the Waltz Natural Spin Turn the man's first step is forward, and then after placing his right foot he turns 1/4 to his right. 

Some might be tempted to turn the body and hips before the step, so that it goes DW against LOD, or the foot is placed turned out. This would take the gentleman right into his partner, rather than stepping past her.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Waltz Closed Impetus and Reverse Pivot

When first learning the Closed Impetus, the way it is typically executed is that the man will rise up on 2, as opposed to the end of 2. A smoother way to execute this figure has the man delaying any rise until 3. In other words, on 3, the man pushes off the ball of his right foot to go up on the toe of his left foot.

When followed by the reverse pivot, blend it into the preceding step. Be sure that the man's right foot tracks under the body, and that the weight is fully committed to the right foot before the next step.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beginning Cha Cha Technique Note

It is common mistake when doing basics or cha chas in place to do a press walk, and then actually commit weight. The problem with this is it becomes too easy to forget to fully change weight, and you may easily end up on the wrong foot relative to your partner. On each step, do a full weight change, and avoid this confusion.