Thursday, March 24, 2011

Suggestions for quick warmup exercises before dance lessons

It's a really good idea to warm up before each lesson, so you don't dance "cold". These exercises will also help practice basic actions. More details are described at

Figure out what works for you. These are just some suggestions.

Standard warm up:
  1. Upper body twist
  2. Hip flexor stretch
  3. Leg swings
  4. Stepping CBM forward and back
  5. Forward and backward walk
  6. Waltz Box
Latin warm up:
  1. Ribcage isolation
  2. Hips: twist, pendulum, lateral
  3. Hips: circle and figure 8
  4. Rumba walk forward and back
  5. Rumba cuccaracha
  6. Change of direction: forward walk turn, swivel
After this, practice whatever you've learned in previous lessons.