Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buiding a ballet dancer's foot

The Salt Lake Tribune has a fascinating article talking about what it takes for a ballerina to be able to dance en pointe. There is emphasis on how ballet has become more athletic with time, and the cross-training that both men and women need to withstand the rigors of their art. This applies not just to ballet, but to ballroom dance as well, as champion ballroom dancers are world class athletes in their own right.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dance performance: entering and exiting floor

Generally, the lady puts her left hand on top of Man's right hand as
they enter the floor. Quickly find a spot that fits your routine's and
with less crowd. When you get there, do not get into frame until
the music starts, because you don't want to be standing there in frame
if for some reason the music does not start as planned.

When the music ends, Man guides the lady to turn out to his right
side, both facing the audience closest to you. Man extends his left
hand to the lady, thumb down, and she takes it with her right hand and
twirls off to Man's left. At that point, she curtseys, and Man steps
forward with his left foot and place his right hand behind his back.