Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some notes from Blackpool Congress

A link in a forum posting took me to video from a Blackpool Congress. Some notes from Marcus Hilton's lecture in 2007.

  • "We pull our stomachs back to our spine, we don't lift them up, because that changes our weight balance, our center of gravity"
  • We want to feel everything is vertically hanging. We don't want to lean left, right, forward, or back.
  • Knees are always soft in standard
  • Body moves first
  • We time our bodies, we do not time our feet
  • In Promenade figures, the man wants to feel like a gondolier, pushing off his right foot like a pole, and twisting his body right.
  • "I want to stand and grow, in promenade position, not stand and go."
  • In promenade position, particularly when stepping with his right foot, the man should not cut off the lady's line, there should be tension pulling his knees together in the coronal plane of the body. (That is., he should activate his hip adductors.)