Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jive syllabus figures on website

Finally, Jive Newcomer and Bronze figures are now available on web site. As with other dances, each dance figure is complete with timing, footwork, technique notes and a list of other steps that can precede or follow the figure.

Dance routines are on the choreography page. More routines will be added over time.

You can always build your own routine using the Connecting Figures page. Here's a quick start on how to use the page:

  • Click on "Routine: Start New" on Connecting Figures page.
  • Pick a starting figure name on left hand side. The figure name will appear on the right. If you want, add a custom note, then hit "Return" on your keyboard or click on "Add!". That figure is now in the routine list.
  • At this point, the left hand side will show your selected figure and what can follow it. Pick one of the patterns on the "Following figures" list, click on "Add!" (or hit "Return").  Keep building your routine.
  • If you changed your mind at any time, you can always either click "delete last step" or start over.
  • When you are done with the routine, copy/paste the routine to your own document or email.
Comments and suggestions for the website? Let us know!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interview of Mirko and Edita

Very interesting interview of Mirko and Edita. Of particular interest is Mirko's perspective on floorcraft in competitions. In summary, even at professional championship levels, it appears there isn't much of it, at least from his point of view, and he takes pride in making his floorcraft look like it was choreographed in advance.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rumba Footwork

Keep pressing inside edge of ball of foot (IEBF) into floor. 
When taking a side step (to left, for example).
  1. Left foot starts with IEBF pressing into floor, left heel brushing right ankle, left knee up and crossing in front of right leg.
  2. Slide LF to side, keeping full weight on right leg, pressing IEBF into floor
  3. When left leg is straight, still with full weight on right leg, place left heel on floor
  4. With two straight legs, both heels on floor, pressure through IEBF on both feet, then press out of IEBF of RF to transfer weight to LF
  5. Extend RF by continuing to press with IEBF of RF, so that line of ankle breaks, and instep (top of foot, shoelaces) faces forward.
  6. Draw RF in, heel leads the rest of the foot, pressure of IEBF of RF on floor maintained, until right heel is brushing left ankle, right knee crossing in front of left leg.
While Cucarachas and Cuban Rocks are traditionally executed with both heels remaining on floor, it is now often seen in competitions, and acceptable, to create the line in step #5 above with the free foot.

Never begin to transfer weight until the stepping leg is straight, with heel on floor.