Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waltz frame, Posture, Position, Footwork

Some technique points on Waltz (also applicable to other Standard dances):
  • Maintain good posture. That means Man's head should not be leading the feet in forward motion.
  • Maintain good position. Our shoulders should be parallel to each other (not wrapped around). The right side of Lady's body should come to about Man's sternum, and vice versa.
  • Maintain a big top-line (arms and elbows out wide) with head tilting 1/8 to the left in closed position. Man and Lady balance against each other. This is why practicing by yourself doesn't quite cover it. The keyword here is to "maintain" the position.
  • Footwork is very important. has very detailed information on steps, timing, diagrams and footwork. Study!
  • Follow through on the steps. Sometimes Man and Lady gaps in between (this is obvious when the partners start dancing in contact). Man: avoid stopping abruptly at the end of a change, that would cause the separation.
  • Natural Turn and Reverse Turn: whoever is moving forward, drive it (bigger step, as this person is on the outside of the turn).
  • Closed Changes: When connecting Natural Turn and Reverse Turn, there is no turns on change steps. Don't cheat.

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