Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Footwork: toe or heel?

Dragging toe/ball of foot vs. dragging heel - when moving back: (example below is for Lady)
  • If a previous step's footwork is TH (say, in Quickstep, after the 1st step in Forward Lock, which is TH on LF), that LF is already lowered to heel, after stepping RF back on 2nd step, you will drag the heel of LF on the floor before crossing LF in front of RF.
  • If a previous step's footwork is T (say, in Quickstep, after 3rd step in Progressive Chasse which is T on LF, the chasse part), LF is on toe when stepping RF back/slightly side on 4th step, when settling on 4th step, you will drag the toe/ball of LF back to collect (not heel of LF).
Footwork when moving forward:
  • If previous step is on toe, next step's footwork will be toe lead.
  • If previous step has lowered to heel, next step's footwork is most likely a heel lead when it's a driving step. (There are exceptions.)

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