Monday, October 26, 2009

Lesson in Foxtrot and Samba

In Foxtrot,
  • Precision in footwork, it's something that one tends to forget. 
  • Feet need to point in direction you are moving. Do not turn out the feet.
  • Rule of 1/4. Feet shouldn't be turned out more than 90 degrees. 
  • Collect my feet on the appropriate steps.
  • Early rise when leading a heel turn. It is difficult for the lady to do a heel turn with bent knees, so Man needs to rise enough to allow her to have straight legs. In particular, this happens on the second step of the natural turn.
  • One way to practice technique is to do Man and Lady's parts separately. Man would take his steps, and Lady takes her steps to judge where she needs to step. And vice versa. Similarly we could step at the end of the figure, and check our positions.
  • Do CBM properly.
  • Do not lean forward (for Man), or lean back (for Lady). Leave some room between Man and Lady's feet. If they are too close, we would be forced to either lean forward or back. The correction to this possible cause is making sure our relative foot positions are correct.
  • On stationary samba walks, should bring the feet together, the slip step is very small. When the foot steps back, the hip turns with it, and can be exagerated to enhance the action.
  • Use the pendulum action of the hips.
  • On going from side samba walk to criss-cross boto fogos, Man needs to keep the forward motion, and get his partner to keep moving, while Man holds back, without stepping back.

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