Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More on Samba Technique

  • For voltas to the right, left foot steps in front of right. Feet are turned out, right knee touches back of left knee. Hips face 1/8 to right.
  • & - start with leg rise to begin the the next step, hips tilt back (arching the back), hips start to rotate flat
  • 'a'- continue with foot rise, stepping on ball of right foot, hips are flat
  • 1- left foot closes to right, at the last second, hips tilt foward to allow left foot to cross in front of right, hips rotate right
  • 1- step forward with left foot, turn out right foot, hips rotate right, ribs and shoulders move less, to emphasize hip rotation
  • 'a'- step forward with right foot, swinging leg in same direction of motion, place partial weight on foot
  • step forward with left foot, turning left 90 degrees
  • arms- on criss-cross boto-fogos, when Man is to right of lady, right arm extends straight out, when Man is to left of lady, extend right arm straight up

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