Friday, January 15, 2010

Newcomer lesson on Tango

Nothing new in terms of technique that hasn't been seen here before, but sometimes it's worth repeating till it gets down into the body.
  • Man's body is turned 1/8 to left relative to hips and feet in closed position.
  • Lady positions head so that she is looking out over her left elbow.
  • Man positions head so he is looking at his left hand.
  • Walks should be distinct from side steps. In a progressive side step, man's right foot is placed directly to side of left foot, relative to foot's orientation. Instructor said that directions in The Ballroom Technique, (RF to side and slightly back) refer to feeling more than to foot placement.
  • When stepping backwards, step is initiated by standing knee moving forward (bending) and hips moving back. Body moves before feet.
Practice Routine:
  1. Two walks (SS)
  2. Progressive side step (QQS)
  3. Rock Turn (SQQSQQS)

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