Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lesson on International Standard Technique

This is mostly focused on what Ladies should do.
  • Always remember to keep upper body to left throughout figures, leave right side to the Man. It's especially important to stay left for turning figures, otherwise Lady will end in front of Man and block him.
  • Elongate front of body (crunch back muscle), shoulder roll back down, head up (don't break neck) to left.
  • At end of each step "settle" - hips underneath, free to move again.
  • sway: always sway forward, the upper body goes with the forward sway motion, do not bend upper body back to create sway look - that's "broken sway", which will make Lady block Man. (Broken sway is  used in some higher level figures)
Now applying these principles to some Waltz figures.
  • Natural Turn:
    • step 2, Lady RF point LOD, leave upper body to left, open up hip to let Man go through, then body catch up.
    • hips sway from underneath forward.
    • then settle to normal position "sit", then move again.
  • Reverse Turn
    • sway: remember to go forward, don't do broken sway which gets Lady in front of Man.
    • Keep shoulder, head position all the same, relative to the spine. Spine sways. In Reverse Turn, step 2, it will appear that left elbow is aiming upward, be careful not to raise shoulder.
  • Closed Impetus:
    • After side step, stay left, leave the right side to the Man, brush and then out.
  • Natural Spin Turn
    • Do not anticipate spin turn and start shifting body to right and block Man. Stay left. RF forward, spin, L leg trailing, and then LF does a back and slightly side step.
    • Brush RF to LF and collect R hip, so Man can pass over. Keep R side to Man.
  • Double Reverse Spin
    • Timing: do 1 2 &3. 
    • Man's early rise signals Lady should do heel turn. Lady does RF "back", L heel closes to R heel, turn, rise and "forward", then RF "out" to side (after turning) and "cross", stay on left.
  • Progressive Chasse to Right: stay left, same as Quickstep
  • Back Lock: outside partner, stay with partner, don't open up.

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