Monday, February 8, 2010

Lesson on Waltz (Bronze Level)

Bronze Level Waltz, including a routine for practice.

Some practice exercises:
  • Step toward mirror, soft knees, keeping shoulders and hips flat, with CBM. Our coach said one of his coaches wanted him to practice this 10000 times between sessions. (Well, he only sees his coach in English once every few months.)
  • In partnership, practicing all the possible leads, from man's perspective:

    1. Step forward straight, LF
    2. Step back straight, RF
    3. Step straight left
    4. Step straight right
    5. Lower on right leg
    6. Step forward, LF, turn frame right
    7. Step back, RF, turn frame back to straight
    8. Step Left
    9. Shape Left
    10. Shape Right
    11. Step Right
    12. Shape Left
    13. Straighten up
  • When stepping through a routine, step back and forth through the steps, particularly on steps that require CBMP.
Some points of technique that are called out:
  • The hips need to remain flat. Do not tilt the whole body forward, including the hips. This is as opposed to keeping hips in the right position, and bending forward at the waist. Through the hips and the lower spine the body is erect. This is especially important when turning the frame, as it is not possible to turn the frame properly at the same time it is tilted.
  • When stepping back into a turn, the instructor cautioned us that the step back should be straight, toe is only turned in a little if called for in the figure. When one tries to make room by stepping to side while turning, it defeats the purpose of CBM, and if the forward stepping partner does their step correctly, it will also result in losing connection between the partners as they drift apart.

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