Monday, February 1, 2010

Lesson on Rumba Technique (Bronze)

Timing and footwork:
To sharpen the look, one should wait to step until the last possible moment. The foot moves quickly. Without the appropriate accompanying movement in the body, this will look robotic, like stop motion filming, but it is a necessary foundation. This applies in Rumba, Cha Cha, Pasodoble, and Tango.
Lead and Follow for the Fan
 Starting from Open Basic, man facing LOD, the man turns 1/4 left between steps 2 and 3, allowing the lady to walk past him against LOD. As she walks past, even though she may feel some tension in the hand to walk diagonally toward the man, she continues straight, and may turn her ribs and shoulder 1/8 L, to avoid having her right arm tight against her body. Then, between step 5-6, the man lowers her right hand to lead her to turn on her feet. On step 6, the man steps diagonally forward, so that the couple form a V. This is the Fan shape.
Three endings for Alemana
 The Alemana, for the lady, consists of three steps. One toward the man, one way, and one back toward him. On each step, she brushes her feet with a half-circle motion of the stepping foot, which also aids in turning. The three endings are closed, open, and right side position. For the closed ending, the steps in front of the lady, forcing her to step side instead of forward. For open, on the last step, the man steps strongly forward with low right hand, forcing the lady to step back instead of forward. For right side position, he leads the lady to step forward on her last step, and he steps up so that she is on his right. This last is the only ending that allows the lady to complete a "true" alemana.
On the difference between Closed Hip Twist, Natural Opening Out, and Opening Out Left and Right
Man must remember to maintain a big frame, round arms. On closed hip twist, from closed position, the lady is lead to turn 1/2 to right and step back. The man needs to turn his frame, and allow his right hand to slide down the lady's arm a little to give her more room for the turn and step. First step of Natural Opening out is the same as the Closed Hip Twist. However, rather then stepping into press step on step 2, she will turn a quarter L on step 2, with feet underneath her, and then another quarter on step 3, to face the man again.
No open space between legs
The lady should strive to always keep her legs together. That means that in many steps that would call for a side step, the lady instead steps back, and turns her ribs and shoulder. This has a much more attractive look.
Strive to maintain a round, horizontal frame. Imagine having balloons under our arms. The big frame this creates will create space, particularly on a social dance floor, and make it easier to dance.

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