Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Class on Bronze Quickstep

Some points on technique:
  • Lady needs to maintain "a strong elbow", referring to her left elbow, otherwise she will be difficult for the man to lead.
  • Lady makes contact with the man below the rib cage, but not above, otherwise she is leaning against him, and cannot respond to his lead.
  • On the Tipple Chassé, on the first slow step, the man begins shaping, bending his spine to the right. After the check step, he returns his spine to the left. The degree to which the direction of movement changes determines how much checking is done on the check step. To continue in a line down the floor, there is hardly any check at all.
  • Keeping both feet in contact with the ground at all times is required for balance in the swing dances. Without this contact, there is a tendency, particularly when coming out of a rise, to come down abruptly and not smoothly.
  • One way that the lady may determine whether a figure requires a lock or a chassé: if the timing is QQ, the step is elevated, and moving forward or back, it is a lock, and if it moves to the side, it is a chassé.

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