Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lesson on Quickstep Technique, Practice Routine

Quickstep practice routine:

Starting DC, middle of long wall (alignment is from Man's perspective)
Steps in this color can be skipped when dancing on a shorter wall.
  1. Chasse Reverse Turn (SQQ) (start on 1, not 8) -> BLOD
  2. Progressive Chasse (SQQS) -> DW
  3. Forward Lock (SQQS) -> DW
  4. Natural Turn with Back Lock (SQQS QQS) -> BLOD
  5. Running Finish (SQQ) -> DW New LOD
  6. 123 Natural Turn (SQQ) -> BLOD
  7. Closed Impetus (SSS) -> either DW (moving BDW) or facing Wall (moving center)
  8. Reverse Pivot (S) -> DC
  9. Double Reverse Spin (SSQQ) -> LOD
  10. Progressive Chasse to the Right (SQQS) -> BDW
  11. Back Lock (SQQS) -> BDW
  12. Tipple Chasse to the Right (SQQS QQS) -> DW New LOD
  13. Natural Pivot Turn (SQQS) -> LOD
  14. Natural Spin Turn (SQQ SSS) -> BDC
  15. Progressive Chasse (SQQS) -> DW
  16. Natural Spin Turn (SQQ SSS) -> BDC
  17. Heel Pivot - Quarter Turn to Left (SQQ) -> DW
  18. Cross Chasse (SQQ) -> DW
  19. Natural Turn (SQQ SSS) -> underturn ending LOD on New LOD
  20. Zig Zag, Back Lock & Running Finish (SS QQS SQQ) -> last "S" in previous Natural Turn is first "S" in Zig Zag, Running Finish ending DW New LOD
  21. Natural Turn with Hesitation (SQQ SSS) -> DC about in middle of long wall, start over from #1.

Some technique points:

Reverse Pivot
The man lowers down to his heel for the pivot, but keeps a straight leg, delaying the compression of the knee for collection until the pivot is complete. When the man steps, and begins to turn, he has the lady step with her left foot inside his right foot. It is because of this that he needs to keep his right knee straight, so that her left foot can switch between being inside and outside of his right foot without the partners bumping knees.
Double Reverse Spin
The man needs to rise at the end of 1, so that the lady can rise at the end of her heel turn. He also needs to take a big side step, and use some swing to get there. He uses the image of trying to spiral his head up to the ceiling.
Tipple Chassé to Right
Distinguish the shaping on the Running Finish and Tipple Chassé: On the Tipple Chassé, the man shape right at the end of the first step. On the fourth step step, S, the knee compresses for a change of direction, but the heel stays off the ground. Be careful to keep his head and center left through the second half of the Tipple Chassé.
This was characterized to be nearly identical to the Foxtrot Reverse Turn, but all slows, rise at the end of 3.

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