Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Class on Bronze Quickstep

Quickstep practice routine:

  1. Natural Pivot Turn   
  2. Quarter Turn to Right   
  3. Progressive Chasse   
  4. Forward Lock   
  5. Natural Turn And Back Lock   
  6. Tipple Chasse To Right   
  7. Natural Spin Turn   
  8. Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn To Left)   
  9. Cross Chasse  

Three phases of movement in the swing dances. lower, move, and swing. We lower to gain speed, move on the slow step, and slow down as we rise and swing. The movement of the quickstep is like a roller coaster. We go down on the slow and pick up speed, and then go up on the quicks and slow down. The rise and swing is less than in waltz, as there isn't time for the full swing and rise of waltz.

There was a question about how the lady knows that a lock step is being led. The amount of rise on the quicks is what leads the difference between a lock step and passing the feet.

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