Monday, October 11, 2010

Competition, Costume, Makeup

Some interesting points (for Ladies) from a talk with a world class professional competitor:

  • As soon as a couple walks on to the floor, judge already started to put them into buckets, couple A and C are in 1st/2nd; couple B and D are in 3rd/4th; etc. (A lot of judges judge this way, of course, some don't.) 
  • At Bronze level, costume, makeup and hair are important. It tells judge if "you've done it before" and the commitment level.
  • Costume: it should fit and look good for that person. Something that looks good on one person does not necessarily look good on someone else.
  • Hair: general preference - bun shouldn't be flat, no bangs, pull hair back. Nothing on head should be moving.
  • Makeup: big and bold to make the face noticeable.
  • All is designed to catch judge's eyes. For 90 seconds, 6 couples, each couple probably just have about 10 seconds of judge's time.
  • After judge has initial buckets, the difference in footwork, technique etc will help the judge make the final mark. 
Of course, technique is ultimately most important. But, in competition, "looking good" will help your marks a lot. (Tall couples definitely have advantage here.) One coach thinks her student could gain 2 positions up simply by having better costume,  hairdo and makeup.

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