Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is Competitive Ballroom Really Like

Ballroom Dancing is Nothing like Strictly Come Dancing? This piece by a competitive amateur in the UK seems to do its level best to tell you how awful the world of competitive dance is. And it is certainly informative, but rather one-sided. The key point that is only alluded to is that not many people make their passion their career. If dancing weren't worth all the negative things she puts up with, she would likely have become a lawyer as her parents would have liked.

To save you the research effort, she is a competitive amateur, and has good results in England, but does not appear to have competed outside of England, and has indeed gone through a lot of partners, as she describes in the article.

I don't know what SCD is like, but at least some of what she complains about is in the American version, Dancing with the Stars.

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