Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daily exercises that will improve your dance

Dance exercises: 
  1. [Practice, Standard] The 13-step position and shaping practice is a good warmup routine.
  2. [Practice, Standard] CBM: Step toward mirror with CBM, soft knees, shoulders and hips flat. Do not turn foot.
  3. [Practice] Using WF: Step back with tip toe, slip weight, roll down onto ball of back foot till two feet are even, lower heel.
  4. [Practice] Using WF: Step forward, slide heel fwd, split weight, roll fwd onto front foot, bring back foot fwd, settle, repeat.
  5. [Practice] Lead and follow with only body contact, shoulders parallel. Move around room and change body orientation.
  6. [Practice, Lady] Lie face down on floor, lift head and bend back.
  7. [Practice] Stand in front of wall with some space, then try to fill the space, make contact with wall, while keeping head and foot position.
  8. [Latin, Practice] Do rib cage exercise everyday.
  9. [Latin, Practice] Practice by stepping on paper and moving paper under foot.
  10. [Latin, Practice] Squat on toes, keeping upper leg parrallel to floor.
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