Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cha Cha Cha: Basic, Alemana, Closed Hip Twist

Cha Cha Basic Movement: when stepping back, the size of the step is just as big as what the ball of foot can reach when 2 knees are together. Then, straighten back leg first, before putting weight on it. (This is different from American style which is more like "pressed walk".) More technique on backward step in Latin dances.

In International style, the feet are a lot more "grounded" (constant pressure) than in American style. It's not good to see feet "loose" without tone under the knee.

Cha Cha Alemana to Closed Hip Twist
  • Alemana
    • step 8, count "4", Lady's LF fwd step, this is already facing Man.
    • count "&", lock step (with ball of RF, not just toes, L leg should still be straight, a bit awkard feeling)
    • count "1": LF fwd, small step - don't start turning to Man at this step yet, step fwd, not toward Man. 
    • count "&": Wait for Man's signal to turn on count "&". 
  • Turn should always be sharp (even when music is slow).
  • Closed Hip Twist:
    • count "4": This is pressed with RF fwd (it's really a fwd step, throw L hip back. hip should not be flat), knee bent.
    • count "&": LF closed to RF, both knees bent.
    • count "1": RF to side, slightly back, still facing Man at this moment.
    • count "&": turn 1/2 to R.
Cha Cha  Closed Hip Twist to Alemana:
  • Alemana step 3-5 is a lock step passing Man, then a sharp turn to do step 6, LF fwd to Man's L side.
  • Lady's steps are the whether the follow is cHockey Stick or Alemana. The way Man can give hint it how his LH holds Lady's RH.

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