Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waltz Technique Notes

Tips for today:
  • [Waltz, Lady] Double Reverse Spin: step 1, straight back, don't turn hip either or turning foot to side which will be in partner's way.
  • [Waltz, Lady] Chasse From PP: pay special attention to stay on Man's R side, not drift to center or R side.
  • [Waltz, Lady] Lady's left hand should stay at the same place on Man's R arm, especially after whisk.
  • [Waltz, Lady] Back Whisk: Step 1 and 2, really drive, as Lady is on the outside.
  • [Waltz, Lady] Natural figures: after step 1, the shoulder should not stop, it needs to keep rotating and continue the flow.
  • [Waltz, Lady] Whisk: Promenade Position: lady should not pull her R arm back, leave it to Man, tuck R shoulder under and in.
  • [Waltz] CBM/Torque: when hips turn with body, it's not CBM anymore.

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