Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ISTD Waltz Syllabus: descriptions, step by step diagrams, videos

There has been a lot of updates on the website! For the International Waltz Newcomer and Bronze Syllabus figures listed below, in addition to timing, step by step descriptions, alignment, footwork, technique notes, we've also added step-by-step diagrams, including all the official variations, preceding and following figures and instructional videos that demonstrated the patterns.

Newcomer level:
  1. Closed Changes
  2. Natural Turn
  3. Reverse Turn
  4. Natural Spin Turn
  5. Whisk
  6. Chasse from Promenade Position
Bronze level:
  1. Closed Impetus
  2. Hesitation Change
  3. Outside Change
  4. Reverse Corté
  5. Back Whisk
  6. Basic Weave
  7. Double Reverse Spin
  8. Reverse Pivot
  9. Back Lock
  10. Progressive Chassé to R
Happy Dancing!

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