Thursday, June 17, 2010

International Samba: Boto Fogo technique

Samba Traveling Boto Fogo technique break down:

Going forward (diagonal)
  • "&": pendulum action forward. bounce, lift heel. There should be a moment when both heels are off the floor.
  • "a": hip rotation to step the other foot forward, emphasize hip rotation. Ribs, shoulders move less.
  • "1": step front foot, back leg straight, hip turn out. swivel back foot, break ankle. The heel of the front foot should drop to floor.
  • "&": pendulum action forward, raise the heel of front foot, it is not flat-footed movement.
  • "a": hip rotation to step other foot forward, in the same direction as the motion (not to the side), place partial weight, then hips turn 90 degrees.
  • "1": step the other foot. back foot is turned out, break ankle.

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