Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tango Technique

Tango Silver practice routine:

  1. Walk  (S) starting Man DW
  2. Walk  (S)
  3. Progressive Link  (QQ) ending traveling DC
  4. Promenade Link  (SQQ)
  5. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS) Open Finish
  6. Four Step  (QQQQ) ending traveling DC in PP on new LOD
  7. Open Promenade  (SQQS)
  8. Outside Swivel  (SQQ)
  9. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn  (QQSS QQS QQS)
  10. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  11. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS)
  12. Rock Turn  (QQS QQS) 2-7 Closed Finish
  13. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  14. Natural Twist Turn  (S QQS QQ) underturned, ending traveling on new LOD
  15. Promenade Link  (SQQ)
  16. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS)
  17. Progressive Link  (QQ) toward corner
  18. Back Open Promenade  (SQQS)

A couple of technique points on Tango:

  • On Progressive link: Man: step diagonally forward with left foot, pushing follower's right leg out of the way. step 1 is very strong CBMP. Man should turn his frame when his weight is on his left foot, then put down right foot under shoulder, in promenade position.
  • On Promenade link: when in PP, lady has to stay behind Man. on second step, when Lady steps LF forward and across in CBMP, it needs to stay behind Man, so after turning to face Man, the left leg can be in the right position.
  • On Four Step: The first part is like Open Reverse Turn, it ends with Lady's LF closes to RF, but slightly back to give room for Man), in PP. This is different from the ending position in Progressive Link (where LF steps to the side.)
  • On Open promenade, when this is followed by Outside Swivel, as Lady is quickly back into closed position, the Lady can keep her head position in Open Promenade all the way through Outside Swivel.
  • Both Man and Lay should pay close attention to correct footwork and alignment.

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