Monday, April 26, 2010

Basic Rumba Arm Styling: Cucarachas

When dancing Rumba, you want to keep the arms moving. This is some basic arm styling for Cucarachas and other side to side Rumba figures.

Starting with weight on left foot, settled on left hip, left arm is extended to side, left hand facing down and extended out, right hand is in front of chest, facing body, elbow down.
On beat 2
As you step to the right, the right elbow first extends straight to the side, followed by the arm from the forearm to the hand swinging down and out, the whole motion smooth, until the full extension of the right hand to the right, with the hand facing down, coincides with the settling of the right hip. As this is happening, the left hand turns up, accompanied by the bending of the left elbow down, the hand continues to rotate and the hand comes in, with the elbow going down, until the left hand is in front of and facing the chest, with the left elbow down. The end of this motion coincides with the full extension of the right arm.
On beat 3
As you return your weight to the left foot, the right hand comes in, turning up, elbow going down, and the left hand extends out, elbow first, then forearm swinging down and out, left hand ends facing down, fully extended to the left, at the same time as you settle on the left hip.
As you change weight to the right foot, and settle on the right hip, the right arm goes out to the right, and the left arm comes in.
Repeat the motions switching right for left. 

The image is of the two hands making circles, and the motion of the hands match and accentuate the motion of the hips, while the ribs are in opposition.

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