Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rumba Technique

In Rumba, as in Cha Cha, always have your weight on one foot. Split weight happens only for a brief moment as you transfer weight from foot to foot. This is evidenced by always having at least one heel off the floor. As you transfer weight, you push off the inside edge of the ball of the foot you are leaving, maintaining pressure into the floor.
In International Rumba, we settle into the hips on beat 1, which matches the downbeat of the music. This settling is to the extent that you feel your center of mass lower.
Your balance is such that standing still you should feel the pressure from your weight primarily on the balls of your feet. Without any adjustment, this would make you look like you are pitched forward. So, once you have the right poise, you lift your chin so that you face forward, and you compress your core so that you don't have your ribs sticking out in front.

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