Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Standard (Waltz) Basic Technique Points

Weight distribution in standard dances: the center is 'heavy', it has half of Man's and half of Lady's weight. So it is especially important to not lean to right and becomes 'right heavy'. Example:

  • Step 1: Lady LF back, CBM - upper body turning to R to open up for Man to pass. Hip is pretty straight, stays with Man. Head stays left.
  • Step 2: Lady RF to side - this "side step" is actually more forward to "keep up" with Man, otherwise, Man and Lay will gap. Hip turns, but upper frame stays as previous, This is where "body turns less" comes in.
  • Step 3: settle, collect.
  • Step 4: Lady RF forward (hips forward Man, so it doesn't gap), CBM - upper body turning to R, really keep left side up and forward. Think about following left elbow. This is a pivot step, the LF doesn't track to RF, it stays where it is and pivot.
  • Step 5: Lady LF back, slightly to the side and give enough room for Man to step forward in between Lady's legs. RF brushes to LF as a result of rising.
  • Step 6: Lady pushes off LF, RF forward. Hip follows the Man, don't gap here.
  • These are all reverse turning figures. Step 1: Lady RF back, rotate upper frame to L (CBM), keep spine to left and avoid leaning to right and become 'right heavy'. It's very easy to tip toward center. Avoid that. Think about head following L elbow.
Top frame: 
  • A lot of how it looks at the top is driven by what the legs are doing.
  • If we are standing straight at each other, the top will be close. Now, bend the legs, top will appear to be bigger.
  • Lady: stand more to the left which will give even more room. (Don't turn foot to avoid bumping knee. Move to left.)
  • Lady: the right side should not "crunch up". As a matter of fact, it should stretch with the right arm that's connected to Man.
  • Lady: tight up diagonally from left shoulder to lower right side, this makes the left shoulder forward toward Man. But pay attention to keep hip position and not have R hip rotate away from partner.
  • Neck: no wrinkles in all directions. Think about long neck.

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