Thursday, April 15, 2010

Standard Technique: Stretch Left Up and Forward

Here are a couple of things to review - mostly for the Lady:
  • Getting into frame: Use the 10-point system described in Standard Technique. Note that Lady put her left hand on Man's right arm last, it is after Man put his wrist under Lady's left shoulder blade.
  • Lady's shoulder: do not drop left shoulder, really stretch left side forward and upward, and counter balance with muscle under shoulder blade crunching diagonally.
  • Head: do not wrinkle back of neck in order to appear looking up. Start standing straight, turn head 1/8 left without creating wrinkles in the back (elongate back of neck), bend left knee forward, pull 2 shoulder blades together to center of your back, counter balance the forward bending knee by leaving head, upper body as one unit behind (bend 'back' if you can, but as one unit and without gapping with Man), think about presenting your collar bones.
  • Though step 4 is listed as "side, slightly back" in the Ballroom Technique book, the Lady should step to the step, and because of changing direction to BDW, it will become a "slightly back" step. If Lady really steps back, it will gap with Man.
  • Step 4: Lady be careful not to dip left shoulder. Keep left shoulder flat.
  • Step 5: LF to side, some leaders like to shape a lot, by turning shoulder to right to wind up and connect with Zig-Zag.

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