Monday, April 19, 2010

Reverse Turns and Getting Kicked

You may find that sometimes the lady's left heel kicks the man's left heel in figures like the Reverse Turn in Viennese Waltz, and the Double Reverse Spin in Waltz and Quickstep. There are multiple factors that may contribute to this situation. The first is that the man's left foot is stepping inside the lady's right foot. This may be because the man is cheating a little to get around the lady on the turn, or the lady is stepping back and to her right to get out of her partner's way while the man is stepping straight. Then, on the lady's second step, the man's left foot is between her feet, and as she closes she catches his heel. This is exacerbated if the man's left foot is also turned out, making it more difficult for the lady to get her foot around his.

The first step in these figures is straightforward. Straight, and forward, with no turn out. Turn does not happen until the man's right foot passes his left foot.

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